Geta, kunna, mega: How to Say "can"

Can I borrow the can that can't know how to speak French? Learn the differences between geta, kunna, and mega!


"Að verða" is one of the most common verbs in the language, so OF COURSE it has to be confusing. Learn to tell the different meanings of this very important word!

Locative Adverbs

If you use the words whence, whither, and thence in English, you'll sound archaic or mad. If you use them in Icelandic, you'll sound like a native. Let's make these tricky locative adverbs easier!

Sem vs. að

Advanced, independent learners mix up sem and að like nobody's business. Avoid this mistake with some easy tips!

í vs. fyrir

You're probably using í and fyrir wrong. Don't worry: everybody does, at some point. Let's set these confusing prepositions straight!

Eitthvað vs. svolítið

Can I tell you something? eitthvað maybe doesn't mean quite what you think it means!

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs - they're like verbs, but phrases! They can be challenging, but you’ll have to place upwards alongside (put up with) them.

Why So Many Whys?

Want to get an Icelandic philosophy degree? You're gonna have to read a whole lot more than this guide, but it'll get you started. Learn all the different ways of asking why!

Challenging Question Words

What's the difference between "who" and "whom"? Whom cares? Learn about some challenging Icelandic question words instead!

Question Words Overview

What - or who? - are the Icelandic question words?

Hugsa, spá, pæla, halda, finnast: How to Say “Think”

Thinking about thinking. Do you think it's a meta article? What do you think of that? Learn the different ways to say "think" in Icelandic!

The Future

In this article: eels, hovercrafts, dictatorial mice. Also, how to talk about the future in Icelandic. Now stop saying 'mun' so much!

Semi-Deictic Timing

This weekend, next Monday and last spring: learn to use the words next and last to talk about time in Icelandic!


Work in time but finish on time: learn the mysteries of the Icelandic words for duration!

How to Tell the Time

What time is it? IT'S ICELANDIC LEARNING TIME! This article won't teach you any classic puns, but it will make telling time easier!

Point-Relative Timing

Ten minutes ago, you didn't know how to say "ten minutes ago" in Icelandic. You still don't. Fix that by reading about Point-Relative Timing!

Non-Deictic Timing

When is your birthday? You should really learn to say that in Icelandic!

Deictic Timing

Deictic: a fancy word for a simple idea. What's today in Icelandic? What about the day after the day after the day after tomorrow?


“Við” pops up all over the place and it never seems to mean the same thing. Learn how to peg this critter down.

Obligation and Necessity 

You should have needed to have to be supposed to read about Icelandic obligation and necessity.

Vita, þekkja, kunna, rata: How to Say "Know"

Find out why Icelandic has so many words for this seemingly simple idea. Know your knows!

Já and Jú

How do you say ‘yes’ in Icelandic? You’d think it’s a simple question.

Eiga, hafa and vera með: How to Say "Have"

Have time, be with pens, own children. The Icelandic words for "have" seem difficult. We'll make it easier!


What are the most common conjunctions in Icelandic? What are the weirdest?