Geta, kunna, mega: How to Say "can"

Can I borrow the can that can't know how to speak French? Learn the differences between geta, kunna, and mega!

The Genitive Case and Possession

The genitive case is the least frequently used of the four cases, but that's no excuse to slack off. Learn how genitive nouns differ from pronoun possessors and fulfil your life's purpose of learning all the Icelandic!

The Reflexive Possessive Pronoun sinn

Learn the mysteries of the Icelandic sinn, impress your friends, woo you crush, and finally experience the nirvana-like state of understanding this confusing word!

Personal Pronouns and Possession

Learn about his and her and everything in between!

The Possessive Pronouns minn and þinn

Mine, my own, my precious! Gollum knew the importance of drawing clear boundaries around what's yours, and you should, too! Learn to use the words minn and þinn so you can tell the cops it's not your illegal substance, it's THEIRS!


"Að verða" is one of the most common verbs in the language, so OF COURSE it has to be confusing. Learn to tell the different meanings of this very important word!

U-Shift in Unstressed Syllables

I don't shift, you shift! Have you noticed how a seemingly random "u" pops up in many words and wondered what it's doing there? Well, wonder no more!


"a" is a letter of many hats. It likes to dress up as a "u", but why? Because of u-shift, that's why!


Do you sometimes say that you have your friends when you mean you're with them, and that you're with a hostage when you mean you have him? Clarify your understanding of "með" so the cops can understand you more clearly!

í, á, yfir, undir

The difference between riding your bike to school and riding it around the halls at school is one small case difference. Learn the difference between the accusative and dative with these prepositions!