í, á, yfir, undir

The difference between riding your bike to school and riding it around the halls at school is one small case difference. Learn the difference between the accusative and dative with these prepositions!

Locative Adverbs

If you use the words whence, whither, and thence in English, you'll sound archaic or mad. If you use them in Icelandic, you'll sound like a native. Let's make these tricky locative adverbs easier!

Sem vs. að

Advanced, independent learners mix up sem and að like nobody's business. Avoid this mistake with some easy tips!

í vs. fyrir

You're probably using í and fyrir wrong. Don't worry: everybody does, at some point. Let's set these confusing prepositions straight!

Eitthvað vs. svolítið

Can I tell you something? eitthvað maybe doesn't mean quite what you think it means!

Verb Second – V2

Who's on first? Does this article finally answer the age-old question posed by Abbot and Costello back in 1938? No, obviously not, but it helps to learn about verb second word order!

Basic Word Order

Welcome to Icelandic 101, day 1 hour 0, square one, baby's first steps. Basic word order awaits!

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs - they're like verbs, but phrases! They can be challenging, but you’ll have to place upwards alongside (put up with) them.

Decoding Dictionary Shorthand

Dictionary shorthand: the original text speak? No, obviously not, but still important to learn!

Basics of Cases

If I had a króna for every time I'm asked about how cases work I wouldn't need a day job. Learn the basics of this popular topic now!