We make Icelandic easi(er)

We're teachers at heart. Making it easi(er) for you to learn Icelandic is our passion, but it just so happens to be our job, too.

What we're all about

Learning should be fun

If you don't have fun, you quit. And if you quit, you don't learn Icelandic. And if you don't learn Icelandic - we don't get paid. The horror!

Practice makes perfect

You can study until the cows come home, but if you don't practise, you don't learn. Our students practise.

One size does not fit all

Every learner is different, and any approach will fall flat with some, even if it's a success with others. That's why flexibility is our watchword.

Complex can be made simple

We use the name “Icelandic made easi(er)” for a reason: no matter how complex something is, a good teacher can simplify it. You can always make it, if not easy, at least easi(er).

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Where we come from

Fun fact: Icelandic made easi(er) started as a way to kill time during Covid.

March 2020

Siggi was teaching at the The Tin Can Factory* when it had to close its doors during Covid lockdowns, and Siggi got capital B Bored. He started writing articles answering the questions that most frequently came up in his classroom. His friends read over the articles and suggested he share them online.

*Inarguably the best-named language school.

A screenshot from a poorly designed original version of IME.

January 2021

In less than a year, the popularity of Icelandic made easi(er) had soared to heights Siggi hadn't even dreamed of. He decided to dedicate himself to IME, leaving his day job to write more articles and teach private classes independently.

A student and teacher in front of a white board.

June 2022

With a waiting list for private classes as long as his leg, Siggi felt bad about so many people having to wait to learn Icelandic with him. To meet the needs of more people at once, he launched the self-study course.

Siggi, the teacher, on Zoom with 3 students

March 2023

Icelandic made easi(er) outgrows its roots as one guy's personal project, as Lemme Linda joined the team with her innovative and creative speaking course.

A collage of images showing smiling students in class.

May 2023

Following the success of Lemme's speaking course, she began teaching private lessons under the auspices of Icelandic made easi(er). Þóra joins the team just a couple of weeks later.

Þóra standing in front of a red wall smiling to the camera.

Meet the team

The Bilingual Blizzard


Þóra teaches private classes and chews bubblegum, and she's all out of bubblegum.

English on her mother's side and Icelandic on her father's, Þóra is bilingual, but didn't stop there: she also speaks German, French, Japanese, and a smattering of Spanish, Italian, and Greek. Also, Scandinavian - an unholy amalgamation of Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

Þóra's favourite Icelandic fact is the existence of a secret and mythical fifth noun case. If you ask her about it, she might divulge the secret. Or she might have to kill you to keep it. 50/50.

The Wanderer


Valgerður teaches private classes on the weekend, in addition to her day job of teaching Icelandic to teens during the week. She really likes teaching Icelandic, is the point.

Valgerður's favourite teaching moment was teaching a group of catholic nuns through a Hannibal Lecter-style glass wall. To be clear, we've made it clear to Valgerður that she can't eat students, not even a little bit.

The Cunning Linguist


Siggi founded Icelandic made easi(er) out of boredom; he continues it because now he'd be bored doing anything else. In addition to running the joint, Siggi teaches private lessons and runs the self-study course.

A mysterious family curse dictates that every member of Siggi's family go into teaching, and he never stood a chance. The man is a compulsive teacher: if he didn't do this for a living, he would just be very annoying at parties.

A dark-haired woman looking into the camera.

Jessica Brégeon

Eternal student

“I used to be afraid of speaking Icelandic, not making much progress. But now learning a language is damn easy and so much fun! I've learned more Icelandic in three weeks with Icelandic made easi(er) than in my entire life. And I did a BA in Icelandic.”

Learn Icelandic with us

Private lessons

The great thing about a reliable instructor is that you know that so long as you put in the work, you get the results. No luck, no privilege, just work for reward. There's a comfort in that reliability.

Self-study course

The perfect option for the independent student on a budget. Learn how to learn and stay accountable with email support and frequent question-and-answer sessions.