You should be able to learn Icelandic for free

Teacher and student looking at a white board.

That’s why I made Icelandic easi(er). All the resources you need to learn Icelandic, for free, in an easy-to-understand format.

Private teacher, language nerd

That guy awkwardly posing here is me, Siggi. I’m a linguist from the University of Iceland (or at least I have a fancy piece of paper that says “BA in General Linguistics”, but I could’ve stolen that), and I’ve been teaching Icelandic for half a decade now.

I made my start in teaching with the Tin Can Factory* where I taught for four years. After a while I realised that students asking questions always told me the same thing: “I tried Googling it, but I couldn’t find anything.”

“Damn,” I thought to myself, “someone should really put some more free material on the web for independent students.”

So I did.

I made Icelandic made easi(er).

A headshot of Siggi in front of Hallgrímskirkja.

*the best-named language school, and I‘ll fight anyone who says different

How I teach

Study is overrated - PRACTISE instead

Did you study a language in school? Do you speak it today? Probably not. Bookish study, especially grammar, leads to knowledge about a language, not ability with it.

Instead, I emphasise practical use. Fluency comes to those who practise, and my students practise.

Learning has to be FUN

This isn’t me trying to be the “fun” teacher (though I totally am). The simple fact is that us humans won't do things if they're boring. Pure discipline will only take you so far.

That's why I always help my students find entertaining stories and materials that are interesting and relevant to them.

You become fluent faster with EFFICIENT learning

No language course is long or intense enough to teach you a language. Practising outside of class bridges that gap, but there are only so many hours in a day.

That’s why I focus on making you a more efficient learner, with study techniques backed by research and the best available resources.

How did you find me?

Axel Thor Steingrimsson
Michelle Parks
Kristina Mineikaité
Kelsey Howell
Claire Paugam
Marina Safonova
Pawel Kurzawa

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