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Whether you prefer the ongoing guidance of private lessons or the empowerment of self-study, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn Icelandic the way YOU want to learn

Private classes

Private classes are for the student who wants step-by-step guidance every step of the way.

  • Get help that’s personalised to you
  • Schedule class when it best suits your schedule
  • Try before you buy with a free trial class

Self-study course

The self-study course is for the independent student who prefers self-directed learning.

  • Learn to learn efficiently and effectively
  • Get all your questions answered by an expert
  • Includes a free level assessment and goal setting class
I'm the best Icelandic teacher in the country

Just ask my mom!

A kindly looking old lady.

“My Siggi is a unique boy. He is patient, understanding, and always ready to put himself in others’ shoes. Siggi respects everybody and is ready to listen to different points of view. There is no question so insignificant that he isn’t ready to find ways to answer it in such a way that I understand what the question was really about. Siggi is also helpful, punctual, and reliable in anything he sets his mind on. I am so lucky to have this wonderful son.”

What private students have to say

"Siggi was my first teacher of Icelandic and since then I have loved the way he teaches. When I found out he was teaching Icelandic private classes I didn’t hesitate to reach out to him. My Icelandic has improved a lot since he became my teacher.

Hugo Alejandro Arteaga Vivas
geophysical engineer

"By far the most effective teacher I had, Siggi knows his stuff and is a pretty cool dude."

Daan de Jong
embedded software developer

"Part of what makes Siggi unique as a teacher is his unequivocal insight to the Icelandic language, coupled with relentless determination for his students’ understanding of it. To have access to a resource like Siggi is indispensable."

Laura Liu
violinist with the Iceland symphony orchestra

“I was very impressed with Siggi’s energetic and engaged way of teaching. He was available, friendly, competent, and knowledgeable and I learned a lot from our classes. I can thoroughly recommend Siggi as a teacher.”

Asbjørn Ibsen Bruun
horn player with the Iceland symphony orchestra

“Siggi is an excellent teacher, he is very patient and his classes are a lot of fun. His background and interest in linguistics means he can give great context and explanation of icelandic for second language learners, 10/10 would recommend.“

Alexandra Leeper
head of research and innovation at iceland ocean cluster

"Working with Siggi, I broke down my barriers to speaking really quick. From lesson to lesson I feel I make progress - which gives me great satisfaction. Now I take pleasure in learning Icelandic."

taxi driver

"Siggi is a great resource for learning Icelandic! He is very professional with his lessons and makes the material easy to understand. Plus, he is friendly, patient, and easy to work with for scheduling. I highly recommend studying Icelandic with Siggi!"

Tanya Sleiman
documentary filmmaker

"I feel really fortunate to have Siggi as my teacher. My confidence in my ability to learn has increased massively - Siggi found the right mix between encouraging me and pushing me to try harder - always with humour. I feel like I have made real progress."


What independent students have to say

"I am really happy and surprised with my results: after just 2-3 weeks my understanding of Icelandic increased significantly. The Q&A sessions were really helpful. I would definitely recommend the course to everybody."

Pawel Kurzawa
supervisor at Samskip

I have a busy life and cannot always count on a consistent time to meet with someone. With this program, I had the freedom to work whenever I had a free moment. I have learned so much, all on my timetable and not someone else's.

Annmarie Langley
special education teacher

Investment into the self-study course with Siggi was the best decision. Thanks to him, my Icelandic improved so much in the last 3 months. After attending classes in HÍ, I can say that he is the best teacher I've ever had and HÍ would be lucky to have him.

Erika Mačková
Kindergarten assistant

"I've seen my skills improve greatly and I am very happy with the results. The learning process suits me perfectly because it is tangible and you're in charge of your own learning pace. I just need to keep up the good work!"

Axelle Sæunn
Verkefnastóri á þýðingastofu

"I was concerned that I would stop being self-directed after the first week... kind of like buying a gym membership, but I went ahead anyway, and it helps you to stay focused and accountable for your own progress. It’s a great supplement to self-directed learning."

Serena Dz
lens-based artist

“I used to be afraid of speaking Icelandic, not making much progress. But now learning a language is damn easy and so much fun! I've learned more Icelandic in three weeks with this course than in my entire life. And I did a BA in Icelandic.”

Jessica Brégeon
eternal student

“I wasn’t sure if I would be able to learn on my own, but tried the course and noticed a change after 3 weeks, even though I didn’t spend a lot of time on it every day. You don’t need to have a lot of time. If you have a lot of questions about the Icelandic language, go for it!”


Try a class - for free

Hey! This would ordinarily be where you’d sign up for the free trial class for private classes. However, I’m going on paternity leave and as such cannot take on new students.

Luckily, two private teachers recently joined the Icelandic made easi(er) team, and they would be happy to teach you!

Described as a "volcano of energy," Lemme's infectious enthusiasm and her kindness create an ideal learning environment. Her eclectic background in art, music, singing, and dance adds a touch of creativity to her teaching methods.

Lemme holds dual BAs in Icelandic AND Icelandic as a second language from the University of Iceland, among others.

With over 20 years of experience teaching languages, including 13 years dedicated to Icelandic, Lemme has dedicated a lifetime to developing her craft.

Lemme offers classes in person at Njálsgata 78, 101 Reykjavík.

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Half-English, half-Icelandic, and all fun, Þóra brings a unique bilingual perspective to her classroom (as well as an accent that would make Hugh Grant swoon). Her approach emphasises getting her students to speak and learn vocabulary and grammar through guided conversations as she adapts to students' needs like a linguistic chameleon.

Absolutely seeped in language, Þóra has been a translator for over 5 years and a private Icelandic teacher since ye olden days of 2016, when she got her start with iTalki. You can’t go wrong with Þóra.

Þóra offers classes in person at Fellsmúli 20, 108 Reykjavík, as well as online classes.

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