Private lessons

There are better ways to learn Icelandic than tattooing noun declensions on your left arm or changing your phone’s settings to “Íslenska”. I offer joyous one-on-one classes for those who like to have a laugh and learn extra quickly.  

(Don’t worry, unions happily—and regularly—cover 75%-100% of your course fees.)

1 class

5 classes

10 classes

10,000 ISK

9,000 ISK

8,000 ISK

"Siggi is friendly, patient, and easy to work with for scheduling."

"Siggi is a great resource for learning Icelandic! He is very professional with his lessons and makes the material easy to understand. Plus, he is friendly, patient, and easy to work with for scheduling. I highly recommend studying Icelandic with Siggi!"

Tanya Sleiman

Documentary Filmmaker

"Truly a teacher at heart!"

"Truly a teacher at heart! Siggi is exceptionally patient, and always ready to answer any of your questions. I appreciate his enthusiasm for looking on innovative and unique sources, teaching methods, or applications that help you get all the new words into your head. He shows you the right direction and how-to approaches to learning Icelandic."

Dr. Michaela Hrabalikova

Geospatial Data Scientist

Fyrirgefðu, I’m fully booked.

Lots of people feel your pain and have requested all of my help. However, I’m increasing my teaching hours soon. Add your name on the list to hear when a spot is available.

"Siggi is a pretty cool dude."

By far the most effective teacher I had, Siggi knows his stuff and is a pretty cool dude.

Daan de Jong

Embedded Software developer

"The great mysteries of Icelandic grammar are no more!"

I have been trying to learn Icelandic by myself for a couple months. It was, to say the least, close to a disaster, until I got the guidance from Icelandic Made Easier. The great mysteries of Icelandic grammar are no more! I really progressed by leaps and bounds and would highly recommend it.

Jean-Sébastien Rochon

Public Servant


Will my union  pay?


- Efling will reimburse you for 75% of the price, bringing it down to 2,000 ISK.

- SSF will reimburse for 80%, bringing the price per class down to just 1,600 ISK/class.

- VR, Framsýn and Hlíf will reimburse for 90%, bringing it down to just 800 ISK. If they reimbursed you any harder I'd be paying you.

- Sameyki (for city workers), Stamos and reimburse 100%. I'll buy you a cup of coffee and you'll come out of this with a profit.

I'm not sure, can I try before I buy?

Of course, great private teachers are like a great pair of shoes—you need to try them out to know if they fit. (We also help you look good at parties!)

The first class is completely free with no commitments.

How much does it cost?

10,000 per 45 minute class, OR
9,000 per class if you buy 5 classes (for a total 45.000), OR
8,000 per class if you buy 10 classes (for a total of 80.000)

That's before your union or employer subsidises the price. The out-of-pocket cost to you, the student, ends up being 0-2,500 per class.

When can I have class?

Weekdays and Saturdays between 10:00 and 17:00.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re only available for classes in the evening, though — I can recommend a great colleague for you!

I have the articles, why would I want private lessons?

That's an excellent point, they are very good articles! Like any education, you can always become an expert by just reading the books at a decent library, but will miss out on the guidance and practical aspects that courses offer.

Private Icelandic lessons provide you with experienced tutelage, but more importantly a personal touch and an effective support network.